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Our Scholarship Application

***Congratulations to the recipients of the Tyjuan Hagler Foundation Scholarship***



The Tyjuan Hagler Foundation promotes good character. As a result of overcoming his challenges. Tyjuan supports the youth of Kankakee, IL and surrounding areas with positive, safe environment and opportunities to be inspired and pursue athletic development.


The foundation also encourages and support educational advancement. emphasizing the importance of education. The foundation will recognize and reward outstanding and deserving students with a financial scholarship to pursue a college Degree.

Scholarship funds should be utilized for tuition assistance, room and board, books, living expenses, or the purchase of educational tools (computer or tablet).


  • Applicant must be male or female enrolled as a student in an accredited high school
  • ¬†Applicant must have a 2.7 GPA (minimum)
  • Applicant must be granted admission/acceptance to a 4-year College or University
  • Applicant must be reared in a single parent household

Application Process:

  • A 1-page typed essay describing yourself and your background: (home. family, high school), college and professional ambitions, obstacles you’ve overcome to reach your current achievement and why you believe you deserve this scholarship.
  • A copy of your high school diploma and transcript
  • Copy of your acceptance letter to a 4-year college or university.
  • Three letters of recommendation completed and signed.
  • Scholarship application (required documents).

Deadline for Applying:

All required materials must be submitted or postmarked by April 1st

Evaluation & Notification:

A scholarship committee appointed by the Tyjuan Hagler Foundation will base its evaluation for award on material submitted. Successful applicants will be informed of awards on/or before graduation and paid directly to the student.

Thank you for your interest in the Tyjuan Hagler Foundation Scholarship. We all commend you on your dreams and aspirations. We have set aside donations and personal contributions to offer a little assistance as you embark on your journey.



Serious About College? This is a simple two-step process.

First, fill out the Tyjuan Hagler Foundation Scholarship application.

Download and Return 3 Recommendations

Download the form below. Just print 3 and follow the instructions listed

Upload Your Completed Recommendation Forms

Upload your forms below. Please double and triple check your entries, Good Luck!


    Please check any of the follow that apply:
    U.S. CitizenMaleFemaleStudent of a Single Parent



    Please check the appropriate range for your family income:
    $12,500 or less$12,501 - $25,000$25,001 - $50,000$50,001 or more

    Almost Finished!

    Last step! Return 3 recommendation forms and you're all set.

    Upload Your Documents Here

    Thank You For Your Interest In The Tyjuan Hagler Foundation Scholarship.